As part of WAPI.s Poetry Festival for 2019, OOTA poets were invited to participate in reading their work at the Orient Hotel in Fremantle on Sunday the 18th of August.

 The following poets participated:

 Rita Tognini

Vivienne Glance


Rose Van Son

Tineke Van der Ecken

Rachel Petridis

Kevin Gillam

Carol Millner

 (Carolyn Abbs was unable to present her poetry due to illness.)

 It gives me great pleasure to say that the poetry was exquisite, the readers eloquent and the subject matter included a real cornucopia.

From women in all their manifold states, saints to sinners, to family, environment, personal experience, joys and sadness, every subject was represented with delicacy and precision.

These poets know what they are doing. The varied forms of expression, choice of language and rhythm stated clearly that each poet was excellent in the crafting of poetry that had something to say for the listeners and said it skilfully and with an awareness of the beauty of language. The individual readings were expressive and delivered with feeling. I felt proud to be a member of such a group.

 Our thanks go to Emily Mills for comparing the event and to the Orient for allowing the use of their venue.

 This may have been the tail end of the Poetry Festival, but the quality and richness of poetry was undeniable. Thank you to all the poets who participated and shared their creativity.

 Veronica Lake

President OOTA